Jan Carlin, RN,MS,CPC,CRC, (ICF accredited Certified Professional Coach, Certified Recovery Coach)

HeartMathâ„¢ Certified Coach and Trainer

Certified Professional Coach

Registered Nurse, Multi-State License

Certified Recovery Coach

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor

Reiki Master

HeartMathâ„¢ Certified Coach and Trainer

Phone: (615) 947-6781


Who I am

I have spent the last 30 years coaching people to live the life they want- building a blueprint to create a recovery through the difficulties and facing the future with a plan, confidence, and a way forward. Creating a life you love living is possible, becoming who you are meant to be with what I refer to as mindful courage.
I work with men and women to help them live their lives with strength, confidence, optimal health, and a full, freer way of being wholly in their lives. I believe that through simple meditation techniques, using the power of your heart to guide your connection, you can fulfill your highest potential and calling, achieving spiritual and physical restoration.
My job is to empower you to create your own solution.

What I do

When you are facing uncertainty in your life (whether it be to seek work on a relationship, to leave a job, to put limits on a son or daughter, financial concerns, or any one of a myriad of possibilities that have the potential to derail you) talking it through with a coach is a simple, practical, and profound way to create a plan for yourself going forward.

I can help you understand the depth of your capabilities and what your own inner strengths are ,provide you with a step by step process to connect you to your true potential and define what you really want in life. This can be an effective strategy to deal with your self doubts, fears, and worry.